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Here’s how your RxSavingsPlus card can
get you discounts on pet medications.

Pet Medications

If your pet has been prescribed a medication that is also used to treat human conditions, you may get a discount on the medication with the RxSavingsPlus Prescription Discount Card at a participating pharmacy.

Learn how!

Find out about your pet's medication(s):
Ask your Veterinarian

  • Talk to your veterinarian during your pet’s examination and ask if the treatment plan they are recommending includes medications that are also used to treat human conditions.
  • If so, you can request a written prescription from your veterinarian instead of the veterinary clinic providing the medications.
  • Take the written prescription(s) and your RxSavingsPlus card to any participating pharmacy.
    Pharmacy Search
Some veterinarians post notices in their office explaining that their customers can get their pet medications filled at other locations.

What you should know:
How the program works for pet prescriptions

Only medications dispensed from a participating pharmacy will work. These are the same medications that would also be used to treat human conditions.

Examples include pet medications for seizures, infections, allergic reactions, heart conditions, pain relief, diabetes and thyroid conditions, and anti-depressants used to treat behavioral disorders in cats and dogs.

For a list of common medications click here.

Want to save on Prescription drugs? Now you can.

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  • Disclaimer

This is NOT insurance. Discounts are only available at participating pharmacies. By using this card, you agree to pay the entire prescription cost less any applicable discount. Savings may vary by drug and by pharmacy . Savings are based on actual 2013 drug purchases for all drug discount card programs administered by CVS Caremark located in Woonsocket, RI. The program administrator may obtain fees or rebates from manufacturers and/or pharmacies based on your prescription drug purchases. These fees or rebates may be retained by the program administrator or shared with you and/or your pharmacy. Prescription claims through this program will not be eligible for reimbursement through Medicaid, Medicare or any other government program. This program does not guarantee the quality of the services or products offered by individual providers. We do not sell your personal information. Call the member toll-free number on the back of your ID card to file a complaint related to this program. Note to Texas Consumers: You may contact the Texas Department of Insurance if you remain dissatisfied after completing this program's complaint process.